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The Institutes of Gastroenterology at Apollo Hospitals are dedicated to the management of diseases of the digestive and hepatobiliary systems in children and adults. The Institutes offer expert care in both Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology. The Institutes possess modern state of art equipment backed by advanced intensive care units.

Gastroenterology essentially addresses diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and liver. The functioning of the entire digestive system, both related to the passage of food through the digestive canal to the physiological processes of food digestion, absorption and elimination come under the purview of this specialty.

It includes the medical and surgical treatment of diseases such as colon polyps, gastrointestinal cancer, jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver, gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn), peptic ulcer disease, colitis, gallbladder and biliary tract disease, nutritional problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), pancreatitis, etc


Our team of experts are amongst the finest in the world, be it in academic qualifications, clinical expertise, hands-on experience or in research publications. Committed to patient centric care , they contribute to our record of unmatched clinical outcomes.

Medical Gastro & Hepatology Jubilee Hills 
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Medical  Gastroenterology Hyderguda         
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 Medical Gastroenterology Secbad               
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Pediatric Gastroenterology Jubilee Hills 
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Surgical Gastro & Bariatric Surgery 
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The dept. of General Surgery is manned by Senior Consultant Surgeons, who are highly qualified and well trained in India and abroad and they are well supported by resident doctors and registrars to take care of the admitted patients in the hospital. The service of a general surgeon is available round-the-clock, to attend any surgical emergency in the hospital.

The department of general surgery is recognised for training P.G. students (DNB) in surgery by national board. For this purpose regular teaching programmes, case discussions, seminars, symposia are conducted regularly. One of the consultant general surgeons is selected as an examiner for DNB examination by national board.

Overview and examples of the some of the innovations undertaken by the department

  • Laser haemoroidectomy by harmonic scalpel as a day care procedure – earlier it required 3-4 days stay in the Hospital.
  • Variety of hernia repair procedures as an outpatient procedure.
  • APR with staplers without any post operative complication.
  • Variety of thyroid surgeries with minimum stay.
  • All Emergency Surgical procedures / trauma cases like Bullet and stab injuries
  • Management of Diabetic ulcers & Gangrene cases

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Medical Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Medical Gastro & Hepatology 
Dr K S Soma Sekhar RaoView Doctor's Profile
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Pediatric Gastroenterology 
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Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Gastroenterology and Hepatology is the medical speciality concerned with digestive diseases and disease concerning Liver, Gall Bladder and Pancreas. The Department at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad has a full range of latest Endoscopic facilities including ERCP and its related interventions and is providing round-the-clock service to the Gastro Intestinal emergencies like blood vomiting, foreign body ingestion and hepatic coma.

The Department also does Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomies for patients with long term swallowing problems such as malignant tumors of head & neck or other neurological problems.

Endoscopic Management of Chronic Pancreatitis

24 hour service for acute bleeds & acute liver failure

Comprehensive workup in chronic liver diseases leading to liver transplant assessment.

Serological assessment for Hepatitis A, B, C, D & E

Medical Gastroenterology & Hepatology deals

  • Cases of jaundice .
  • All kinds of liver disorders (cirrhosis of liver & its complications).
  • Alcoholic Liver Disease.
  • All Hepatitis cases (HepA,HepB,HepC, Drug induced,etc.)
  • Gall Bladder Stones, Common Bile duct Stones
  • Acute & Chronic Pancreatitis
  • All cases of pain abdomen
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Blood Vomiting (Hematemesis)
  • Black coloured stools (Malena)
  • Blood in stools
  • Diarrhea(Acute& Chronic)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (UlcerativeColitis,Crohn’sDisease)
  • Peptic Ulcer Disease (Gastritis, Gastric Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer)
  • Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD )
  • Dyspepsia (upper abdomen discomfort , bloating )
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( altered bowel habits )
  • Constipation

Indications for Upper GI Endoscopy (Gastroscopy)

  • Difficulty in swallowing (Dysphagia).
  • GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease).
  • Upper abdominal discomfort, pain (Dyspepsia).
  • Blood Vomiting (Hematemesis).
  • Black coloured stools (Malena).
  • All cases of liver diseases (forVariceal screening).
  • Investigation of Iron deficiency anemia.
  • Investigation of loss of appetite & loss of weight.
  • PersistentVomiting.
  • Investigation of chronic diarrhea
  • Biopsies to diagnose H.Pyloriinfection, UGI Malignancies



Indications for Colonoscopy

  • Blood in stools
  • Investigation of Chronic diarrhea
  • Investigation of loss of appetite & loss of weight
  • Investigation of altered bowel habits
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease)
  • In Population with Family History of Colon Cancer (Screening)



Therapeutic Procedures done by Gastroenterologist

  • Achalasia Cardia Balloon Dilatation
  • Esophageal Stricture Dilatation
  • Esophageal Variceal Ligation (VaricealBanding)
  • Injection therapy (Adrenaline) for ulcer bleed
  • Hemoclip Application for ulcer bleed
  • CRE Balloon Dilatation for Pyloric Stenosis
  • Polypectomy
  • ERCP & CBD Stone Removal
  • ERCP & CBD Stenting
  • ERCP & CBD Stricture Dilatation
  • Bile Leak Management
  • Foreign Body Removal from Gastrointestinal tract
  • EUS Guided FNAC
  • EUS Guided Pancreatic Pseudocyst Drainage

Various other Therapeutic procedures can be done by Endoscopy and unnecessary surgeries can be avoided.


Surgical Gastroenterology

Surgical Gastroenterology & Minimal Surgery & Pancreatic Surgeries

Department of Surgical Gastroenterology & Key Hole Surgery

A full-fledged Department of Surgical Gastroenterology along with laparoscopic surgical facilities has been functioning since 1990 at Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, which is first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh and south India. The Department deals with all the diseases of the entire digestive tract, which include oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anal canal besides liver, gall bladder and the pancreas.

The Department is keeping pace with all the current trends in the diagnosis and treatment of all surgical problems related to the digestive tract.

  • The Department was the first to begin Laparoscopic Surgery work in 1990
  • Largest number of LAP surgical procedures in this part of the country with 99.5% success rate.
  • First to do lap PDA ligation in South India in the years 1995-96
  • First to start a Hand Assisted Lap Procedure (HALS) for solid organs Eg: Splenectomy
  • First to start animal lab for training Surgeons in Laparoscopic Surgeries
  • One of the first to acquire harmonic scalpel for blood less surgery, in the State
  • Surgery for morbid obesity
  • Robotic for Advance Processor

Key Features

  • International expertise & exposure of the doctors
  • All medical specialities are available under one roof
  • Excellent diagnostic and Intensive Care backed up by support services
  • High standards of treatment and care
  • Proven track record
  • Cases handled (challenging, cannot be solved anywhere else, high risk, cutting edge innovative etc.)


For patients and their family members

Pre-operative and post-operative counseling for patient and attendants, details on treatment plan and time, Rehabilitation & Diet counseling for patient.

The post operative initiatives taken by this Department for poly trauma & perennial surgeries is physiotherapy & endocrinology -Diabetic advice coupled with Dietician and Psychiatry (Psychology) advice.

Piles Clinic

Haemorrhoidal disease is a social problem

Predisposing or associated condition include hereditary factors, constipation increased intra-abdominal pressure, straining, strenuous work and psychic distress.


What has been clarified from a physiopathological standpoint clearly indicates the recto-anal prolapsed as the predisposing condition for haemorrhoidal complications and continence disorders.

It is therefore obvious that the surgical correction has to address the reduction of the prolapsed. This is obtained via a circumferential resection of the rectal mucosa in the anal canal, thus preserving the integrity of the haemorrhoidal cushions and simultaneously restoring the anal mucosa, the haemorrhoidal cushions and the anoderma upwards in the anal canal to their original anatomical position. This procedure with a dedicated circular stapler. Which operates a sterile muco-mucosal suture in an environment with high bacterial impaction.

The muco-mucosal suture interrupts the terminal branches of the superior haemorrhoidal artery, thus probably causing a reduction of the flow to the sub-epithelial spaces and the mucosal prolapsed. However, we cannot affirm that this contributes to the solution of the symptoms.


  • Cure or significant improvement of the pre-operative symptoms without removing the haemorrhoidal vessels.
  • The anatomical and functional restoration of the anal canal
  • Benefits compared to conventional open haemorroidectomy.
  • Less pain
  • Shorter wound healing time
  • Shorter time to normal bowel function
  • Faster return to normal activity
  • Shorter length of hospital stay
  • Shorter operating time
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Less postoperative care after discharge.
Hernia Clinic

Any part of the abdominal wall can form a hernia, but the most common site is in the groin. Approximately 80% of all hernia repairs are for hernias in the groin. A hernia can also form at the site of previous surgery.

The most common types of Hernias are:

  • Inguinal/Femoral Hernia is a protrusion of abdominal-cavity contents through the inguinal canal inguinal hernias are the most common type of hernias.
  • Umbilical Hernia is an outward bulging (protrusion) of the abdominal lining or part of the abdominal organ(s) through the area around the belly button.
  • Incisional hernia occurs in an area if weakness caused by an incompletely healed surgical wound. Since median incisions in the abdomen are frequent for abdominal exploratory surgery, ventral incisional hernias are termed ventral hernias. These can be among the most frustrating and difficult hernias to treat.

Advantages of tension-free laparoscopic repair:

  • Pressure from within the abdominal cavity helps to hold the mesh in place
  • May result in less pain and shorter recovery time.
  • Allows for visualization of undiagnosed hernias.
  • May have advantages in repair of bilateral and recurrent hernia
Day Care Surgery

Apollo Day Care center offers a less-costly and more-convenient alternative for surgical care and diagnostic and preventive procedures. The lower infection rate associated with outpatient surgery is particularly beneficial to working people. Outpatient surgery is performed very safely with a low incidence of both minor and major morbidity.

Almost all Laparoscopic Procedures can be done as Day Care

  • Laparoscopic Chole for Gallstones
  • Laparoscopic Appendectomy
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopic for Pain Abdomen
  • Laparoscopic Hernia or Biopsy
  • Treatment Repairs for Piles
24Hours Trauma Care
  • All medical specialities are available under one roof
  • Excellent diagnostic and Intensive Care backed up by support services
  • High standards of treatment and care
  • Proven track record
  • Cases handled (challenging, cannot be solved anywhere else, high risk, cutting edge innovative etc.)
  • World class Blord Bank facilities

Medical Procedures

Procedures offered

  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Variceal Sclerotherapy
  • Variceal banding
  • Esophageal dilatation
  • Esophageal Stenting
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
  • Achalasia balloon dilatation 

ERCPS – Diagnostic & Therapeutic

  • Sphincterotomies
  • Stone extraction
  • Stenting of Pancreatic and Biliary ducts 

Insertion of Endoprosthesis

Endoscopic Ultrasoud (EUS)

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic 

Surgical Procedures

Routine Procedures

  • All Gastrointestinal surgeries

Advanced Procedures

  • Hepato-Biliary & Pancreatic Surgeries
  • Colo-Rectal Surgeries including Sphincter saving operations using staplers
  • Abdominal surgeries in Polytrauma.
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Minimal surgery for Obesity


Routine Procedures

  • Lap Cholecystectomy for Gall stones
  • Lap Appendectomy
  • Lap repair for all Hernias
  • Lap Adhesiolysis etc.

Advanced Procedures

  • Lap for Liver cysts
  • Pancreatic surgeries like Cystogastrostomy for eg: Pseudo Pancreatic Cyst, Drainage of Abscess
  • Splenectomy
  • Bowl resections for eg: Hemicolectomy, Lap assisted APR
  • Rectopexy for rectal prolapse
  • CBD exploration for CBD stones
  • Lap Heller’s myotomy for Achalasiacardia
  • Nissen fundoplication for reflux disease (GERD)
  • Lap Gastric banding and Gastric by-pass surgery
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy for Morbid Obesity
  • Robotic Surgery
  • MIPH (Minimally Invasive Procedure for Hemorrhoids)