Day care or Ambulatory care is a personal health care consultation, treatment or intervention using advanced medical technology or procedures delivered where the patient’s stay at the hospital or clinic, from the time of registration to discharge, occurs on a single calendar day.

Many medical investigations and treatments for acute illness and preventive health care can be performed on an ambulatory basis, including minor surgical and medical procedures, most types of dental services, dermatology services, and many types of diagnostic procedures (e.g. blood tests, X-rays, endoscopy and biopsy procedures of superficial organs). Other types of ambulatory care services include emergency visits and rehabilitation visits.


Apollo Day Care center will transform the outpatient experience for millions of Indians by offering a less-costly and more-convenient alternative to hospitals for surgical care and diagnostic and preventive procedures. Apollo Day Care surgery can offer a number of advantages for patients, health-care providers, third-party payers, and even hospitals.

  • Many patients, especially children and the elderly prefer to have their surgical procedures performed as outpatients because it decreases separation from their familiar home environment.
  • One survey of patient satisfaction reported that 97 percent of respondents would choose day surgery again.
  • Unlike inpatient surgery, ambulatory surgery does not depend on the availability of a hospital bed, and thus there is a greater degree of flexibility for patients to schedule the timing of their operation.
  • Outpatient surgery may be performed very safely with a low incidence of both minor and major morbidity.
  • Studies have shown that unanticipated admission to the hospital occurs in only 1 percent of patients, and return visits to the hospital occur in only 3 percent of patients following ambulatory surgical procedures.
  • The lower infection rate associated with outpatient surgery is particularly beneficial to pediatric and immunocompromised patients.
  • Finally, there is evidence that the incidence of respiratory complications (i.e., pulmonary embolus and pneumonia) may also be decreased.

Procedures at Apollo For Day Care


Anaesthesia for Procedure
Central line
Cervical lymph node biopsy
Lntrathecal injection
Lumbar punch
Mri for anaesthesia
Tongue biopsy

  • Cardiology

Coronary angiogram
Coronary Angiogram_Daycare(PACKAGE)
Day Care Angio
Peripheral Angio

  • ENT

Adenoid Tonsillectomy
DLB General
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
Mass Excision
Microlaryngeal Surgery
Nasal Endoscopy
Oral Biopsy
Secondary Suturing
Septoplasty + Fess

  • Eye-Face Plasty & Cosmetic Centre

Reconstructive/ Functional

Deformed eyelids
1. Entropion, ectropion surgery
2. Facial nerve paralysis correction
3. Procedure for non closure of eyes ( lagophthalmos)- dermal fillers, gold weight implants, tarsorrhaphy

4. Procedures to correct small ,big , loose, absent , narrow and wide eyelids
Eyelid reconstruction surgeries (Damaged and deformed lids as a result of trauma, previous surgery or burns or birth defects)
Eyelid and Eyeball swelling treatment ( Infections, Inflammations and tumors of eyelids and bony walls of eyes)

Excessive tearing due to blockage of tear duct and its passage
1. External dacryocystorhinostomy
2. Dacryocystectomy
3. Canalicular surgeries

Itchy eyelids- Meibomitis, Blepharitis- chalazion surgery
Eye bone fractures – Orbital fractures
Eye lid spasms or twitching – Blepharospasms,Hemifacial spasms- Botox treatment
Thyroid eye disease management – Orbtial decompression
Artificial eyes – Prosthetic eye
Tumors and cysts of eyelids and orbit- Orbtial biopsy, lid frozen section biopsy, lid and socket reconstruction


• Brow lifting surgery
• Eyelid Lifting or Ptosis Repair
• Eye bag/ puffiness removal or Blepharoplasty
Hollowness of eye (Tear trough deformity ) correction-
Asian Blepharoplasty – Double eyelid surgery
Unwanted facial fat removal – Facial liposuction
• Stem cell transfer or eye lid and facial fat transfer
• Scar management
Wrinkles and aging changes around the eyelids- Botox and dermal fillers

  • General surgery

Hydrocele of cord
Miph (minimal invasive procedure of haemorroids)

  • Medical Oncology

Bone Marrow Biopsy

  • Neuro Surgery

Disc replacement
Epidural injection
Lumbar microdiscectomy

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Cervical biopsy | Vulval biopsy
Cervix biopsy
Chemoport insertion
D and c hysteroscopy
Diag lap and hystroscopy
Diag laparoscopy + hysteroscopy
Diagnostic laparoscopy
Dilatation and curettage
Hysteroscopy and dilatation and curettage
Lab tubectomy
Lap + hysteroscopy
Laporoscopic tubectomy
Mtp tubectomy
Suction evacuation
Suction evacuation | Bilateral tubal ligation

  • Ophthalmology

Corneal foreign body – deep
Corneal transplant package-1-ga(package)
Corneal transplant package-1-la(package)
Evisceration – eyeball
Icce + aciol
Ioab injection
Iol exchange
Phaco – i (package)
Phaco – ii (package)
Phaco – iii (package)
Phaco + pciol
Phaco + pciol | phaco + pciol
Phaco + pciol + trab with mmc in right eye
Phaco +pciol
Phaco +pciol | i o a b injection
Resuturing with ac wash
Silcion oil removal
Silcion oil removal | phacho+pciol
Silicon oil removal(package)
Squint correction
Toric icl both eyes.
Vitrectomy + iol exchange
Vitrectomy- ii (without buckle)(package)

  • Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

Dermoid cysts excision

  • Orthopaedics

Arthoscopy knee and ankle tendon repair
Bone biopsy
Excision – exostosis – foot
Implant removal
K-wire fixation
K-wire removal
Open reductiion and internal fixation
Orif right ankle
Shoulder manipulation

  • Paediatrics


  • Plastic Surgery

Breast implant
Change of dressing
Cleft palate repair
Cleft lip repair
Debridement+k-wire fixation
Excision – mole
Excision biopsy
Eye lid suturing
Fat liposuction
Flap cover
Flap division
Forehead laceration and suturing
Laceration suturing
Nasal implant removal
Scar revision
Ssg and debridement
Suture removal
Wound deb+ssg

  • Surgical Gastroenterology

Cervical l n biopsy
Excision – lymphoma
Exploration of foreign body
Diag lap proceed | diag lap proceed
Incision and draiange
Internal sphinterotomy
Lap apendix
Lap appendix
Sebaccous cyst excision

  • Surgical Oncology

Breast conservation surgery
Breast lump excision
Excision – cyst
Lumph node biopsy
Lymph node biopsy
Supra clavicular lymph node biopsy
Wide excision
Wide loca excision

  • Urology

Bilateral varicocelectomy
Cysto – stent removal
Cysto bni
Cysto eua
Cysto stent removal
Cysto urs stenting
Cystoscopy bni
Cystoscopy eua
Cystoscopy prostate biopsy
Eua stent removal
Excision biopsy
Stent removal
Stent removal check urs
Stent removal- la(package)
Stent rmoval
Testicular biopsy
Varicocle operatons

  • Vascular surgery

Av fistula
Av graft

Apollo Day Care Specialists Working Hours :

Monday – Saturday – 7AM – 7PM
Contact us : 040-23607777

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