I am extremely grateful to the management of Apollo Hospitals, especially Mrs. Sangeeta Reddy for helping us with the treatment of my daughter Mahadevi who was affected with a rare Disease that causes low blood sugars. The condition was persistent due to which she had to get her pancreas removed.

We met Dr. Sharmila Kaza in Out Patient and we were quite taken aback when we were told of her condition. The journey which would have been quite scary otherwise was made very smooth and heartwarming thanks to the Staff at Apollo Hospital.

I felt my child was being taken care more by the Hospital than by us, even after the surgery.

Thanks to the Post-Surgery care by Dr. Prashanth, Dr. Sharmila Kaza and Dr. Leenatha, Dr. Meena and Dr. Samiya, we now have a healthy child who is growing normally unlike our older child, who is disabled with the same illness and we could not get him operated.

Words cannot express our gratitude towards Dr. Sharmila Kaza for the care and support that she extends towards us to this day.

Adala Mahadevi – Patient of Dr. Sharmila Kaza.