I chose Apollo Hospital for my delivery because it has the best facilities. My pregnancy was a very tough experience but my Doctor really helped me get throughout with utmost patience and helped me stay

I suffered from Gestational thrombocytopenia and Gestational Diabetes during the 7th
month, Doctor took extremely good care of me, by taking blood and other tests every month.

Along with Doctor Premila , Dr. L.V.S Prasad and Hematologist – Dr. Vanaja also really helped me. I was put on the high risk list and I was very tensed and worried, but by God’s grace and the hospitable facilities of the doctors and the staff, I pulled through and I can tell Apollo gave me a second life.

I would like to thank all the staff and nurses for giving me the strength, support and taking very good care of me. I would recommend Apollo Hospital to anyone, anytime.

Testimonial 1
Thulasi Rishi