I am a 34F and i am absolutely fine NOW. Kind of reborn. All the credit goes to Dr. Rooma Sinha and Dr. Madhumathi for identifying the problem I had and giving me right guidance in right time. I have been was diagnosed with a fibroid 7-cm 2 years back. Visited so many doctors, who all suggested that there is all chance of getting pregnant with such a size of fibroid and there would not be any problem in the development of the baby too as they in their career have come across so many women with much bigger fibroids and had no issues and have gone full term. As it is, I was afraid of surgery fearing the consequences, hysterectomy being the most common, though rare and as they said that there is a chance of getting pregnant we were trying to conceive without undergoing surgery for removal of fibroid. I suffered a lot. Very heavy bleeding which would start every 18 days and last around 8-10 days to completely stop, heavy, cramping, clots of blood, severe back pain, weakness, and dropping my hemoglobin.

It was on November 29th, 2015, that I met Dr. Madhumathi in Apollo secunderabad who after a small check told me that its impossible for me to get pregnant with this fibroid and it had to be removed and suggested to have a MRI and meet the surgeon Dr. Rooma Sinha in J.Hills. After the MRI scanning, surgery was planned on December 8th. Though a bit apprehensive, all my fears have vanished after speaking with Dr. Rooma. The way she approaches the patient is totally different and comforting and removing fibroids is like plucking out some skin tag from our face!!!! and this is what I felt about Dr. Rooma Sinha after I spoke to her which gave me a lot of confidence and I went ahead with the surgery. Surgery was on December 8th, Discharged on December 10th. OMG!!! I feel so light and active now. All credit goes to Dr. Rooma and Dr. Madhumathi for guiding me right.

Thank you so much!! you guys are doing a fab job!!!

Pavani Palaka

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