My baby who was born at 26 weeks of gestational age (7 Months of Pregnancy) needed a short duration of Ventilation (12 hours) and stayed in the Neo Natal Intensive Care for about 6-8 weeks.

Now my baby is 4 months old and is doing well neurologically, with intact vision and hearing. He is gaining weight and reaching his milestones as any other normal child.

My wife was ventilated herself for a month due to sudden inset of Cardiac Failure and went into Preterm Labour. Today, I am a happy man with a healthy wife and child.

I thank Dr. Sharmila Kaza, Pediatric Consultant, for the care and expertise she has shown, I also thank Dr. Vimmi Bindra, our Gynecologist and the entire team of Cradle at Apollo Hospital.

Baby Khan – Patient of Dr. Sharmila Kaza

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