The Apollo Hospitals Group is recognized as the ‘Architect of Healthcare’ in India. Its history of accomplishments, with its unique ability of resource management and ability to deploy technology and knowledge to serve the patients, justifies its recognition within the Healthcare Industry in India and abroad.

Today, Apollo Hospitals Group is the uncontested leader in the delivery of healthcare of international standards within the Asian subcontinent. Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad has become the healthcare destination for the global community, particularly for the Asian continent providing them with healthcare which is comparable with the best in the world.

Medical Tourism in India has witnessed enormous growth and has opened a world of opportunities in infrastructure in the private and voluntary sector.

Apollo Hospitals being the powerhouse of healthcare in India, leads the race in attracting medical tourists, who travel from all around the world and seek essential healthcare services. Apollo Hospitals renders superlative services in the lines of International Patient Care, and has therefore carved a niche in the Health Tourism sector.


International Patients

A guide for Health Tourists

With over 400 beds and 50 specialties, dual lifelines of pharmacies , diagnostic services, Ayurveda and wellness services providing a safety net across, Apollo Health City gears itself as just the right destination for medical tourism in India.

We unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology to match the best in the West with centuries-old traditions the Eastern care and warmth. Choose us as your health tourism destination and we can arrange an comfortable stay for you. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps -

Medical tour plan

You can write, phone or fax your medical requirement to us. Even the most trivial concerns are welcome. Our Health tour coordinator will get in touch with you with all the required details and travel advice. We also assist arrangements for your pick up at the airport and accommodation.

Bring Along the Following

  • Your 'fit to fly' certificate (if medically warranted)
  • Copy/originals of all medical reports and medication details
  • CD copies of any scans like MRI/CT/ECHO
  • Any referral notes from your doctor


On arrival, you will be received at the airport by our representative, and taken to a hotel or hospital as per the admission plan.

Apollo Medical Center at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport - Hyderabad
is managed by Apollo Health City Hyderabad. Patients requiring any assistance can contact the Medical Centre directly at the
Airport on 1066 or Toll Free Number 18003451066.

At the hospital, you will be registered under our consultant who will be your primary doctor.

The Apollo Expertise

One of the most respected hospitals in the world, Apollo hospitals specializes in cutting-edge medical procedures. With the evident boom in Medical tourism, we have a lot of health tourists choosing us as their ultimate Health Tourism destination for medical services.

We have pioneered many revolutionary procedures and technologies in India. A whole lot of health tourists come to us opting either for medical care or elective procedures. Some of the health procedures we render include - 

  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure
  • Coronary Angioplasty
  • Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Pediatric Cardiology

We ensure that our patients get the best of our services. Our Health Tourism guests vouch for the medical procedures that we render. Using the most sophisticated technology for diagnosis and therapy, we maintain international standards to keep our Health tourism visitors coming in.

Payment Methods

Payments need to be made as a deposit based on the room category. If you opt for our medical tour package, the net package amount should be paid at the time of admission.

We accept payments through Travelers Cheque, Credit Cards (Master, Visa or Amex), and foreign currency.

A receipt will be issued for all payments made, and at the time of discharge an itemized bill is presented.

In case your visit has been coordinated through our Health tour representative office at your home country, with our consent you can pay us in advance through the representative’s office.

We, at Apollo Hospitals believe the world is our extended family and by providing patient care beyond compare, we dream of a healthy, happy planet for all.

Insurance Facts

Insurance Facts for International Patients

International Insurance Partnerships

Being JCI accredited, Apollo Hospitals is recognized by Health Insurance Providers in the US. So, International patients can now overcome the long waits for medical treatment in their country and avail the advantage of world class treatment at Apollo, at prices which are just a fraction of those prevailing abroad - without having to worry about whether the insurance provider will recognize the treating hospital.
Our International Insurance / TPAs /Medical Assistance Partnerships are - 

  • CIGNA 

Insurance Guide for International Patients

Planned Admissions:

In case of a planned admission, to avail insurance coverage from your international insurance company, the following steps can be followed -

1. Check with our Department of International Patients Services if your insurance provider is recognized by our hospital for insurance covered treatment. You can contact the international patient services at - 
apollohealthcity@apollohospitals.com or +91-44-28296569. + 91 40 23548888.

2. If your company is listed, you may contact them directly from your home country and seek an issue of GoP (Guarantee of Payment) by fax to our International Patients Service office.

3. Once our International Patients office confirms the receipt of GoP from your insurance provider you can avail insurance covered treatment at our hospital.

4. In cases where the International Patients Office contacts your insurance company (provided they are in our panel) for GoP on your behalf, your claim to avail insurance covered treatment will depend upon your insurance company's response and the hospital will not be responsible for any delay on their part. We will not entertain any GoP after discharge and in case of delayed response from Insurance Company you are required to make appropriate deposit to the hospital and if the delay extends to your discharge date you will need to make full payment to the hospital. The hospital will issue a refund of your deposit subject to receipt of GoP from your insurance company.

In cases where the GoP is delayed or not received at the hospital you can claim a refund directly from your insurance provider, however refund will be subject to their discretion.

5. Any hospital charges not covered by your insurance provider must be paid to the hospital.

Unplanned Admissions:

1. This happens mostly in a medical emergency. Most of the international insurance companies provide an option for contact in case of medical emergency.

Please note that an emergency contact details by any international insurance company does not entail an insurance covered treatment at our hospital and it is strictly based on our arrangement with your insurance provider.

However you will be provided all required medical care at our hospital and you can continue your treatment after paying the required deposit to the hospital.

International Patient Services

Mr. Radhey Mohan.P
Vice President International Marketing
Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad 500 033, Andhra Pradesh India 
Phone: +91-40-23607777 Extn: 3600 , + 91-40 23548888
Tele Fax: +91-40-23607530

Our International Clients Can Call us on
USA : New York : +19292240769
UK : London :+442036088129

E-mail : ips_hyd@apollohospitals.com, radheymohan_p@apollohospitals.com

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