My name is Tusa Mwakalobo, (Lady) Iam 32yrs old from Tanzania, I was diagnosed with endometriosis for the past 7/8 life as a woman /girl has been the most difficult and never new one day I will be happy due to my condition,especially on my periods days where by I experienced pain and met only with my stomach but...
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Dear Dr. Rooma Sinha, In December 2011 I was admitted in hospital for anaemic heart failure. I had been losing large amounts of blood during my mentrual flow for about a year prior to the admission. Medical tests revealed that the bleeding was caused by uterine myoma consisting of multiple masses embedded in the wall of my uterus. The masses...
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I humbly write to sincerely thank all of you for your great service provided to me as your patient in December, 2013. I really appreciate the fast and personalized response that I received when I first made initial contact with you through emailing to the International Desk. Dr. Rooma’s personal attention as expressed with your tel. call to me (in Tanzania) before we...
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Apollo Health City is a place where miracles are made. I was first admitted here in October 2013 for surgery. Quality of care excellent. I was attended to immediately and taken good care of. Staff caring , impressive and knowledgeable. Staff at all levels take personal pride in their work and do it to the best of their ability. Doctor patient ratio, I...
Tembi Simuchoba, Lusaka, Zambia
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I thank Dr Vimee Bindra, Dr Prameela Sekhar and Dr Suneetha Nareddy for diagnosing my condition and treating me. Before coming to Apollo Hospital,I suffered so much and they were not able to diagnose it. Finally I met Dr Vimee Bindra, who did my laparoscopy and I was diagnosed with abdominal tuberculosis. Now I am being treated for same by...
Ms Moureen Arbogast
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Hi  Everyone, My name is Osan , my mother Abaida Sakem AlJabri was treated by Dr.Anuradha Panda, Sr.Consultant Gynecologist and laproscopic Surgeon at Apollo Healthcity, Hyderabad, India. First I would like to thank Allah for helping pass off the operation successfully. Secondly I would like to thank the doctor who performed the operation. This is my mother’s third surgery. She...
Abaida Sakem AlJabri
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My wife and myself have both been highly insspired and motivated by high standards of medical and professional two previous operation carried at Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) in Tanzania, this one, here at Apollo seems to be very successful.  I see strength coming back to my realigned, bonegrafted and  new internally fixed femur. We would like to extend our appreciation...
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I am a Kenyan. Having had goen through several operations in Nairobi hospitals in Kenya unsuccessfully. My husband met with Mr. Mohan in Kenya who told him about the Apollo Hospitals. We made our way here and from the airport we were picked by ambulance thanks to Mr. Lokesh who acted very fast and organized for a doctor immediately I...
Testimonial 19
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I think Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad has lived to its motto of “touching lives”. It has definitely touched ours from the excellent professional services rendered right from arrival to the surgery, the after care and the follow up. Although it would be difficult to name everyone, I must specifically mention Dr. U.K. Nayak, Mr. Surender Reddy (CEO), the nurses at Deluxe...
Testimonial 18
Patient in hospital.  Good caring hospital services.  Doctors & Nurses co-operation.  Mr. Lokesh has been very helpful from start to finish.  Surgery options were ruled out due to risks involved.  Pain management by Dr. Joshi.
Testimonial 17
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Our stay at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad was a great experience. The hospital is excellently managed by great working staff. Our sincere thanks go to the whole staff who have directly or indirectly made our stay as comfortable as possible.  This includes all doctors, nurses, attendant, Radio/Sonographers, Lab personnels, Dietician, Hospital management, Security & last but not least RKHS services &...
Testimonial 16
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You have made directly and indirectly our stay as the most comfortable as possible. I do not know how to thank all the entire management from Doctors to cleaners. I am very grateful to all Doctors who attended me. God bless you all. Thanks. AmourRashid, TANZANIA
Testimonial 15
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