Healthy Heart Challenge

If we certify you “HEART HEALTHY” after a health check
and you still have a heart attack, we will treat you FREE*
A Healthy Heart Challenge Package with double the assurance for just Rs. 4,850/-
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Assure you are heart healthy with an array of tests and results you can trust

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Take the Healthy Heart Challenge Package at any of our centers listed and if your reports are normal and you get hospitalized within 1 year of the Health Check with a heart problem*, we will cover your treatment expenses up to Rs. 2 lakhs.

The Complete Heart package includes :


Checks your heart’s electrical system and heart rhythm

Exercise EKG

Checks for abnormal changes in your heart during exercise Makes sure your heart is healthy enough for physical activity, especially
when you have not been physically active for a while and want to start a new exercise program
Sees how well you can handle exercise after you have had a heart attack or heart surgery.


Checks for signs of diseases that affect the walls and chambers of the heart
Finds out how well your heart is pumping blood
Regularly checks to see how your heart valves are working if you have a valve disease or you have an artificial valve

Blood Work up

Includes a wide range of blood analysis that covers cholesterol, Sugars, Liver Function etc

Chest X- Ray

Checks the Heart Structure and anomaly

Ultrasound Screening, Whole Abdomen

Checks for aneurysm in the aorta.
Evaluate liver functions and fat deposits in the liver.
Checks for swelling of abdominal organs.

Cardiologist Consultation

After the investigations are done, The cardiologist checks and talks to you. If required put together a treatment plan that may include medications, healthy lifestyle changes etc and refer you to the diet counselor.

Diet Counseling

There are so many foods to choose from today. How do you know which foods are healthy choices for you. Meet our diet counselor to
understand your health and with their expertise create a super heart eating plan which suits your lifestyle.

  • If this check is completely normal and have a clearance on all aspects of health check including Lab and Radiology reports, physical examination and history, shall be eligible for critical care insurance coverage.
  •  The decision of the physician at Apollo Hospitals based on reports shall be deemed final in deciding on eligible or not for the insurance policy.
  • The policy covers for a hospitalization coverage for a maximum amount of two lakh rupees. It covers Heart Attack, End Stage Renal Disorder, Cancer, Open Chest Coronary, Artery Bypass Surgery, Organ Transplant, Open Heart Valve Replacement or Repair and Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms, within 1 year of Apollo Health Check.
  • This policy covers admission and treatment taken in listed Apollo Hospitals only.
  • This policy covers age range is between 18 to 64 years only on the day of Health Check.

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