This department deals with diagnosing accurately Hematological diseases like various anemias, leukemias, thrombocytopenic purpuras and coagulation disorders eg., various types of hemophilias, qualitative platelet functional disorders etc.

Special Investigations

  • Reporting of Bone Marrow aspiration smears
  • Imunocytochemistry (CD13, CD14, CD41 and Erythroglycophorin cell maker stuclips),
  • Protein C,S. Anti thrambin APCR assays. C Thanbophilia package).
  • Immuno-Cytochemistry
  • Mixing Experiments
  • Factor VIII / IX / XI assays
  • Plateletagglegometry etc. (only institution extending this service in A.P)
  • Reporting of Bone Marrow aspiration smears


  • Haemotology Analyzes : a) ABX – PENTRA-120 RETIC b) ABBOTT – CELLDYN – 1600
  • (Fully automated 5 part differential electronic particle cell counter)
  • b) AB olicos – ‘3’ part differential cell counter
  • Coagulation analyzer – CASCADE -M-HELENA-Lab
  • Fully automated urine strip reader
  • QBC – Paralens – Hemoparasite detection system
  • Platelet aggregometer
  • STA compact C fully automated coagulation anolyzer3

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